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mTipCalc is a handy calculator when out on the town. It calculates your restaurant bill's tip at 15% and 20%. It can even split the bill and show you each person's share (Note: Share amount is scrolled off-screen in screen shot.) If you put in the tax rate, mTipCalc, automatically calculates the tax and subtracts it from the tip amount. The tax amount is displayed, so you can double-check your bill.

Calculates tip for 15% and 20% at once.

Reverse calculates the tax from the total bill, so you can be sure it was done right.

Automatically saves the tax rate, so you only have to enter it once.

Calculates shares of total (bill, tax, and tip).

Winner of PDA Pointer's The Best of the Best Award (April 2003)

5 out of 5 stars (*****) rating by experts at Cellmania

"I eat out all the time. This program to helps me keep my friends from cheating me on the bill! This little program is great!" - Chris Streeter

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User Guide

mTipCalc User Guide 1.0.0 (PDF Format)

Compatible Devices


Nokia 7210

Motorola T720