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mGolfCard is the perfect tool for any golfer. You can use it instead of a paper golf scorecard when on the golf course. Before a game, enter in the course name, play date and any notes. Then as you are playing, edit the scores. You can enter in the par and score for each of the eighteen holes. The game totals are updated automatically and no mobile connection is required to edit and save your scores. After the game, you can save or delete the information or send it to your e-mail account.

The application is designed to run on any MIDP compliant device. A 30K version is available for devices with a limited jar size.

Stores your golf scores on the phone.

No cell connection needed to view and save scores.

Email your golf score cards.

Support for touch screens (ex. Sony-Ericsson P800).

Top 20 application winner in the Asia Java Micro Challenge, an international competition (sponsored by Singtel, Sun Microsystems, Motorola and Nokia)

5 out of 5 stars (*****) rating by experts at Cellmania

Tested and Approved by Nokia

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User Guide

mGolfCard User Guide 1.3.1 (PDF Format)

Compatible Devices



Nokia 7210