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MyCupid is a game to help you make love predictions. It runs on almost any MIDP device and is especially nice on color phones.

Game Play Description: In each of the five MyCupid games provided, use your supply of arrows to shoot at the hearts floating by from both sides of the cell phone screen. Just push the fire button to let an arrow fly. Try aiming for the smaller hearts, as this results in a better love report. The shape and number of hearts you hit determines your love prediction, your mate's attributes and name, and will even use a list of names you provide to predict which one is your true love.

5 different games included!

Input your own names to pick your love.

Runs on any MIDP 1 or 2 phone.

5 out of 5 stars (*****) rating by experts at Cellmania

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User Guide

MyCupid User Guide 1.3.2 (PDF Format)

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Animated Demo (Nokia 7210)

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