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Farmer Jones vs. The UFOsTM

The UFO's are invading Farmer Jones' fields and he is not happy about it! Help Farmer Jones shoot those pesky UFO's out of the sky before they steal the corn and the milk and scare Mrs. Jones.

The Aliens

The Aliens are 6-legged-armed green creatures with two large glowing eyes. Their glowing eyes enable them to see very well in the dark.

The UFOs

The UFOs are highly advanced interplanetary spaceships. They are equiped with emergency ship-to-ship transporters. The transporters allow the Aliens to escape before their ship is destroyed. The transporters are also used to beam up items from the surface of a plant, like corn and milk.

Difficulty level increases as you play more games.

Runs on any Color MIDP 1.0 phone.

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Farmer Jones and Alien ("American Gothic")

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